How Islam made "Palestinians" call themselves with a name they cannot pronounce?

I asked myself: Why would anyone call himself with a name, he (himself) can not pronounce it phonetically? We know that Arabs can not pronounce P, so why they choose to call themself Palestinians? What does that prove? Does that prove anything at all?

I made a few inquiries, and got only one conclusion that someone is lying to us. Not only that, but I discovered a few things on the way, they shocked me, and I want to stun you as well. Since there is only one truth, so one must know it.

I will start with an analogy.

There is a nation called Welsh. We call them by that name, but if you say that to the Welshian he will say to you: "I am Kymro, not Welshian". How did this happen? How we call someone by name that he (himself) wont do it? Very simple. Historical facts say that the name Welsh stuck to them from the Englishmen, who fought in the same area. "Walsh" in Old English means "foreigner".

You ask, how is it related to the Palestinians? Well, that's why I researched some more, and look what I got. If we read Wikipedia it seems that the word "Palestinian" originally came from the word Philistines. If we continue to delve into, we will see the source of the word is Hebrew (Israeli ) language, and it means 'invader'!

So why would someone who want to accuse israelis in invaison of their land would call hom self with israeli name and it means "invader". The answer is that arabs prefer to fix history rather then learn from it. Look what history says:

Philistines were Greeks who came from islands in the Mediterranean. What's interesting is that nobody remembers what was their original name, because this nation has disappeared in the dust of history. Philistines name represents the name given to them by the Israeli tribes that were there allready there, and saw how the invaders from the sea, threatening the region where they lived, so they called them 'invaders' ("plisha" in hebrew). Only those who were at the place earlier, can use the name of "invader" for someone who came later.
Now I ask: What people in the world you know, will call himself 'invaders'? Why would he do this? After all, agree with me that if group of people are a nation, they would of have its own name, and would have use it as Kymro. But the fact is that they dont have it, because they are not people, only political organization with political aim!

In summary. There is absurd: that they blame the Israelis as invaders of their land! Without knowing that they calls themselves with the Hebrew word! Word that they cannot not pronounce phonetically. That is why, foreign Palestinian supporters, do not understand why they call Palestinians as "Palestinians" with P, while the Palestinians themselves call themselves "Falestinians" with F. Only the Palestinians, of all people in the world, do not pronounce correctly the name of their own!

Another question: Israel was established only in 1948 after the Jews returned to Israel. Where were the Palestinians until then? Why they woke up now? Where were the Arab states until 1967? They then were able to establish the Palestinian state ... but... from some reason they did not do that

They did so because they had no reason. So what happened? Now there is Islam that encourages them to conquer the world, so they got up, got organized, and saw that they have to get a name for themselves.

Do not get me wrong, the conclusions I came to, did not justify oppression, and deportation of any group of people, no matter how others call them, or how they call themselves. Instead, the conclusions say that there are groups of people define themselves with a lie, and when they do, they are not a regular enemy, but an enemy without a value of "pursuit of truth".

If, for example, the "Palestinians" would get up and say: "It's true we're just lying to you, and call ourselves Falestinians, and IF really  we were a nation, probably, we should remember our original name" - if it had happened I would get up and help them get their self definition, but it will not happen because our enemy does not know the value of "truth."


1) PLO in arabic: Munaẓẓamat at-Taḥrīr al-Filasṭīniyyah

2) The Movement National Liberation of Palestine  (called "Fatah" in arabic
and not Patah as expected) is a reverse acronym of the Arabic,
Harekat at-Tahrir al-Wataniyyeh al-Falastiniyyeh)

3) If someone will argue that it is their original name, and israelis "did" from it
hebrew word "invader" - it is a lie, because:
In entire hebrew language there is not even one word  that starts with phonetic  F!